Carriageworks, Sydney

Monday, May 30th


Carriageworks, Sydney

Monday, May 30th


Learn what successful startups look like when they started

How they acquired customers

Why they chose to build great companies and not sell

The Sunrise is a startup conference presented by founders, for founders. It brings together Australia’s most successful tech leaders to tell stories from their beginnings. They talk about the pivotal decisions, the big mistakes, the near misses and the ah-ha moments. Their tales are embarrassing, exhilarating and inspiring.

Learn first hand what it takes to build a successful startup here in Australia, and hang out with other founders at all stages of the startup journey.

This year’s Sunrise speakers are a diverse group of people. They come from all walks of life but are all on the same mission to build the next generation’s most relevant technology companies



Speakers 2016

Melanie Perkins is the co-founder and CEO of online design platform Canva, one of Australia's fastest growing startups that now serves over 10 million users all over the world. She started working out of her Mum’s kitchen in suburban Perth and went on to attract investment from Silicon Valley heavyweights and even Hollywood actors Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson. She’ll share her lessons on how to take on incumbent Goliaths and building a world-class team from Australia.

Melanie Perkins Canva

Mike is co-founder and CEO of Atlassian, which recently listed on NASDAQ. He began his journey out of university hoping to match the $48,000 starting salary the IT consulting firms were offering. Almost accidentally, he became a billionaire. Learn how he did it, and what comes next after world domination.

Mike Cannon-Brookes Atlassian

Andre Eikmeier founded Vinomofo with his brother-in-law, Justin Dry, in 2011 as a ‘Facebook for Wine-lovers’, after a career that included half an accounting degree and an acting career in four out of five of Australia's worst TV shows. Vinomofo is now one of Australia’s fastest growing tech companies with more than 400,000 members, over $50m in revenue and a grand vision to change the way people all over the world buy and drink wine.

Andre Eikmeier Vinomofo

Craig Barratt is head of Google Fiber where he’s helping to extend global internet access via fibre-optic lines, satellites and drones and essentially is building NBN-sized networks at Google-speed. The co-inventor of 34 US patents, Craig was previously President and CEO of Atheros, one of the semiconductor pioneers of Wi-Fi, where he led its public offering on NASDAQ in 2004 and sale to Qualcomm for US$3.6 billion in 2011.

Craig Barratt Google

Chris Boshuizen co-founded Planet Labs, whose mission is to send hundreds of small satellites into orbit to image the entire Earth every day, and provide universal access to that data. Before that he was a Space Mission Architect at NASA Ames Research Centre.

Chris Boshuizen Planet Labs

Julie Stevanja quit her job at fast growing London based tech startup MUBI and moved back to Sydney to co-found her own startup, the world's first activewear e-commerce site, Stylerunner. It only took them three months to launch and three years later their company is selling millions of dollars of goods to customers in 103 countries.

Julie Stevanja Stylerunner




Other Conferences

The Sunrise Ticket

Executive MBA

Mostly Startup pitches

They're great too

Go to StartCon and Tech23 as well

If you're not a better founder by the end of the day we'll give you your money back

The re-telling of Australia's best startups

Learn and interact with their founders

Some stuffy Ivy League University

Learn from case studies not founders

They won't let you in anyway



Time Item
8:30 AM Arrival and check in
9:00 AM Introduction
9:15 AM Melanie Perkins
10:20 AM Coffee break
10:50 AM Craig Barratt
12:00 PM Chris Boshuizen
1:00 PM FIRST Robotics
1:05 PM Lunch
2:05 PM Mike Cannon-Brookes
3:05 PM Julie Stevanja
4:05 PM Break
4:25 PM AWS CTO Panel
4:55 PM Andre Eikmeier
6:00 PM End


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