Rory San Miguel


Thursday September 29th at 1pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

I am the co-founder and CEO of Propeller, a drone data analysis platform for the construction, mining, quarrying and landfill industries. We came through the Startmate accelerator in 2015 and Propeller is now being used by thousands of commercial drone operators, teams and enterprises around the world. Watching workers explore their site in 3D, performing complex calculations in seconds, and getting valuable insights out of a drone data - these are the moments my team and I absolutly love.

We just announced a new partnership with DJI, the world’s leading drone maker, to take on the new opportunities for drones in the construction and resources industry. Propeller Aero is also announcing a major investment of $US3.1m from leading VC technology firms including Blackbird Ventures, Costanoa and Accel Partners.

Prior to Propeller I was the co-founder of drone delivery startup Flirty, which was also a Startmate company.

I got my passion for dones while studying mechanical engineering at UNSW and in fact I started the maker club, CREATE in part to help subsidise all the tinkering I was doing. AMA!

Niki's Note: I've had the pleasure of working with Rory through Startmate and Blackbird as he's built Propeller from the idea of how drones can help business to actually scaling the steep learning curve of figuring out what problems of quarries, large earthworks and big mines were the most acute and building software that helped drones solve them. He's a tour de force and a great CEO in the making.


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