Michael Traill


Thursday September 8th at 1pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

After 15 years as a co-founder and Executive Director of Macquarie Group’s private equity arm, Macquarie Direct Investment, I founded Social Ventures Australia. I wanted to affect real change by bringing what I had learned in business and applying it to the social sector.

SVA is a non-profit organisation that has raised more than $45m from social investors to fund outstanding ventures and strengthen Australia’s non-profit sector. We’ve helped to create better education and employment outcomes for disadvantaged Australians and architect one of the largest social enterprises in the world as a founding partner in Goodstart Early Learning.

I am now Chair of GoodStart Early Learning, the SVA Social Impact Fund, Assetic Pty Ltd, and a Director of M H Carnegie & Co., Sunsuper, Australian Schools Plus and Australian Philanthropic Services.

Most recently I wrote a book called ‘Jumping Ship – from the world of corporate Australia to the heart of social investment’ 

Rick's note: I first met Michael when he joined the privte equity investment committee at MLC many years ago. I got to see first hand Michael's ability to cut to the chase and ask the pertinent questions. His switch from a successful corporate career to the social sector, founding Social Ventures Australia, is an inspiration to us all and he's a very worthy member of the Order of Australia. I'm very proud to have him in our AMA today.


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