Martin Hosking


Thursday September 22nd at 1pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

I am CEO and one of the original founders of Redbubble. I started the company in 2006 after I saw an opportunity for artists to share their creative work with the world in an online marketplace.

Redbubble has become one of the world's largest and most diverse online marketplaces, selling work from over 225,000 artists printed on t-shirts, hoodies, canvas prints, posters, stickers, iPhone cases and more.

Prior to this I was a diplomat in Egypt and Syria before joining McKinsey. I’m also interested in writing poems and prose as well as plumbing, welding, home electrics and the general tasks required to keep my small farm in the hills working. AMA!

Niki's Note: When we started Blackbird we were inspired by a handful of great business stories that had been created by Australians and Martin and RedBubble were one. We were fortunate enough to become part-owners in RedBubble earlier this year and the company is a lighthouse to all Aussie founders. This should be a good one!


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