Holly Cardew


Thursday December 8th at 1.00pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

I founded to help eCommerce stores optimise their product images which ultimately increases their online sales and allows the retailer to focus on running their business.

Prior to Pixc, I worked in eCommerce, online marketing, outsourcing and graphic design.

In 2016, I was listed as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia emerging entrepreneur to watch in the eCommerce and retail space.

I'm also proudly a Startmate mentor.


Nicks Note: Holly is an entrepreneur that loves "walking uphill". She's built Pixc entirely herself, overcoming the obstacles of being a solo, non-technical founder, and she's done it through hustle and iteration and by building a business that really helps its customers. After seeing the help she'd given other founders as they landed in SF, we asked her to be a Startmate Partner with a focus on helping Startmate companies transition to the US. As an ex-500 Startups alumni, she's also seen the power of the accelerator model first-hand.


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