Duncan Anderson


Thursday October 27th at 1pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

I’m a cofounder of Edrolo, which is online education company focused on getting high school students great grades. We find rockstar teachers and partner with them to develop world class, curriculum specific online resources. We were Startmate class of 2013.

Whilst we started with Year 12 students in Victoria, Australia we plan to ultimately get to every student in the world (this will take a while... but it's super amounts of fun!).

I think you should have fun and get important shit done. You can work on things that make the world better; therefore you should work on things that make the world better. How you spend your days is how you spend your life so why would you spend it doing anything else?

Prior to Edrolo, I was in Strategy and Sales Operations at Google. Before that I was an analyst at Goldman Sachs.


Niki's Note: I've had the great fortune to get to know Duncan over nearly four years now since the birth of Edrolo. He has a magical combination of being one of the great thinkers about business strategy and a warrior-force of execution. A small life detail says it best: he listens to podcasts on 3x speed and everything I've seen him do in startups is similarly paced.


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