Dean McEvoy

Thursday June 30th at 1pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

At the moment Sydney is going backwards as a technology ecosystem. I'm on a mission with TechSydney to make us one of the top 10 global technology ecosystems. Before TechSydney, I was a co-founder of IconPark & Spreets, which sold to Yahoo7, and before that BookingAngel. I'd love your early feedback on the crowdfunding campaign / plan for TechSydney before it launches. Would your technology company join? Do you think this is important? What do you think we need to focus on to improve this ecosystem? What initiatives could we kick off to make Sydney one of the best in the world?

Also happy to answer any questions about startups or my past experience as a founder or investor.

Niki's note: When I moved back to Sydney 7 years ago, Dean was one of the original people I was fortunate to get to know. He's been a great achiever through his entrepreneurial pursuits at Spreets and then a great supporter as an investor and mentor through Blackbird and Startmate.


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