Chris Hexton 

Thursday March 24th at 1pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

I am the founder of Vero, where we produce software that helps marketing and product teams intelligently trigger emails that are tailored to a user’s experience of their product. We went through Startmate in 2012 with a completely different product and since then we’ve bootstrapped to millions of ARR. I’ve toiled with living and working in SF but am currently spending the majority of my time in Sydney – most of our company is based here, with team members spread out around the world to help our global customer base work better and achieve more.Happy to answer questions about anything (I am a self-taught engineer but now spend most of my time working on product, doing marketing and working with our awesome customers)!

Ask your questions by posting a comment below and Chris will jump in Thursday and answer all of them.

Niki's note: I have great admiration for what Chris and the team have achieved at Vero. The company is one our proudest investments at Startmate because of the grit and determination he and James showed after being faced with failure of the original freelancer invoicing product they applied with. Far from the myth of 'graduating' from an accelerator, I love my monthly catchups with him and Chris is one of the most helpful people to the many Startmate companies since his batch.


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