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1pm March 2, 2017

Sally-Ann Williams

Google Australia


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Matt Hall

Hipster Whale (Crossy Road)

1pm, Thurs March 2nd 

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11am, Fri Feb 3rd

Wesley Chan

GP at Felice Ventures


Past AMAs

My mission is to help businesses increase their sales and automate their business processes by using Pixc

I run Who Gives A Crap, a toilet paper company that helps build toilets in the developing world. In just over three years, we've donated $428,500 to help fund access to clean toilets for people who need them most.

I’m a former Medical Doctor turned management consultant turned startup ops leader. I’ve just returned to Australia from Silicon Valley, ready for life’s next adventure.

I a m a co-founder and managing partner of Airtree Ventures. We recently announced the largest venture fund ever for an Australian VC and we can't wait to use this capital to back a new generation of world class entrepreneurs.

I'm the Co-Founder of CEO of LegalVision, a tech-driven startup law firm.

I am a General Partner at NAB Ventures where I’m using my experience as an entrepreneur, founder and CEO to help Aussie founders build world class businesses.

I’m the co-founder of Edrolo and we are transforming the way students learn, helping them to get better grades and lead more fulfilling lives.

I am the founder and CEO, of DGraph. We're building a scalable, distributed, low-latency, high-throughput graph database that would put the same level of graph instructure used by big giants like Facebook and Google, into the hands of other companies. 

I’m the founder of OneShift and Skilld and it’s my mission to change the way people choose to work.

I'm passionate about what triggers the rush of child-like joy in people. I care about changing the fact that women have to choose between comfort and style in shoes and want to change that with Shoes of Prey

I am the Co-CEO and Co-founder of drone analytics and mapping platform, Propeller. We’re a passionate group of tinkerers who are helping large scale industries discover the power of data collected by drones.

As the co-founder and CEO of Redbubble my mission is to help create the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists, bringing more creativity into the world.

I’m the head of ops at Blackbird, a partner at Startmate and angel investor as part of Blackbird’s Flock. I’m passionate about STEM education, diversity and making Australia a great place to dream and execute big!

After nearly 15 years in investment banking, I founded Social Ventures Australia. The aim was to create better education and employment outcomes for disadvantaged Australians by bringing the best of business to the social sector

I’m a founder and Aussie living in SF. My latest startup, Proxy, is on a mission to digitize your physical presence and make it universally accessible. Our first product is a dead-simple way to access your office or building with just your phone.

I started my first business right out of University and after nearly 10 years in Silicon Valley I’ve returned to Sydney with the aim of helping Aussie founders become the best in the world.

I've recently returned to Australia to join Airtree Ventures as a partner. My goal is to help great Australian founders and grow our ecosystem here.

As the CEO of Fishburners, I have one goal; to create the maximum number of start-ups.

I am a hacker, entrepreneur, and investor and I co-founded Project Include to accelerate diversity and inclusion solutions in tech.

Through INCUBATE I am educating and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

I founded Onestack to help amazing founders accelerate their growth.

Through I am transforming the way property is transacted in Australia.

I'm on a mission with TechSydney to make us one of the top 10 global technology ecosystems.

I'm out to change the way charity works at Chuffed

I am an entrepreneur in residence at Muru-D and I love focus.

I founded Hey You, Australia’s largest mobile ordering and payments platform for cafes. We process more than 75k transactions per week. 

I'm a co-founder of Blackbird Ventures, a new Australian venture capital firm. We invest in Internet and software companies forming in Australia.

We co-founded Canva in 2012 with the aim to make graphic designaccessible to anyone. We now have more than ten million users and are growingfast.

I co-founded Stylerunner in 2012, the first womens pureplay activewear aggregator globally. We have  shipped more than 50,000 parcels to over 100 countries.

I am the co-founder of Square Peg Capital. Before Square Peg, I co-founded and built Seek for nearly 14 years in the original days of the Internet.

I am the founder of Vero, where we produce software that helps marketing and product teams trigger emails that are tailored to a user’s experience of their product.

I am the founder of Accelo, where we produce software that makes running a professional service company a delight.

I am Startup Evangelist at BlueChilli, teaching startup methodology, marketing, pitching and product development to startup entrepreneurs. 

I've dedicated my life to making workplaces safe; first as a consultant and now changing the world through SafetyCulture.

After 3 years as National Director of, I'm looking for new challenges. I'm consulting to startups and NGOs. 

I'm the founder and CEO of leading design crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd. Before DesignCrowd, I worked at Booze & Co as a strategy consultant.

I invest in enterprise analytics software at Zetta Venture Partners where I am a general partner. Previously I launched and lead the fundraising business at AngelList. 

I'm the CEO & Founder of Shoes of Prey. I now live in Santa Monica after moving the company there last year and raising US$21m in capital to supercharge our growth.

We're the co-founders of Envato, a bootstrapped Australian company that enables creators to make a living doing what they love.

I'm the CEO & Founder of Culture Amp - the world's leadingCulture Analytics platform. I'm on a mission to build a culture first company. 

I'm the co-founder of Vinomofo, the most epic wine site on the planet, if we do say so ourselves.

I'm the product lead at MyFitnessPal. Previously I co-founded Sessions (acquired by MyFitnessPal) and WeAreHunted (acquired by Twitter).

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